This service is designed to maximize a consumer’s individualized choices and needs, with customization of day services through individualized services. Tailored Day Services provide opportunities for increased integration and inclusion, as well as further opportunities for the consumer to develop or maintain employment/volunteer activities and pursue postsecondary education.



The consumer may request information about tailored day services from the regional center at any time and may request an Individual Program Plan meeting to secure these services. The regional centers must provide information about tailored day services to eligible adult consumers, prior to development, review, or modification of a consumer’s Individual Program Plan.



Tailored day services offer flexibility by providing a consumer the option to choose tailored day services, in lieu of any other regional center-vendored day program, look-alike day program, supported employment program, or work activity program.


Individual Program Planning Process

The Individual Program Planning team determines the types and the amounts of tailored day services to be provided. The Individual Program Plan must contain, but not be limited to:

  • A detailed description of the consumer’s individualized choices and needs.
  • How the consumer’s choices and needs will be met.
  • Type and amount of services including staffing needed to meet the consumer’s individualized choices and needs; and
  • If applicable, services needed to support the consumer’s unique health and safety needs.

The Individualized Service Design

An individualized service design which details the scope of the services available through Tailored Day Services is required. Tailored Day Services include the goal of further development of a consumer’s employment suitability, customized training services with flexible schedules and fewer program hours resulting in positive benefits, with consumers developing skills in employment, participating as a volunteer, attending post-secondary education programs, and engaging in community integration. Microenterprises and self-employment are also employment goals that Tailored Day Services may support.


For example, a consumer is seeking a 1:1 Tailored Day Service to coordinate community college support. Generic resources must first be accessed prior to receipt of the Tailored Day Service. Tailored Day Services may only be offered in lieu of a traditional or look-alike day service, work activity program, and/or supported employment program.


Consumer choice, while valued, must result in specific, defined, and measurable goals. A consumer participating in Tailored Day Services may not participate in another regional center funded 2 day or vocational service, and each service may not exceed more than 80% of the weekly cost of the day or employment service that would have been used.


Tailored Day Services may be utilized for developing vocational skills and gaining employment experience while participating in other areas of Tailored Day Services such as community integration.


Tailored Day Services should provide support and training that allow consumers to develop the necessary skills to thrive through obtaining higher education or employment.


The service design should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Fewer days or hours than in the program’s approved day program, look-alike day program, supported employment program, or work activity program design.
  • Flexibility in the duration and intensity of services to meet the consumer’s individualized needs.
  • Services that offer opportunities for further development or maintenance of employment/volunteer activities, and pursuit of postsecondary education.

Maximized consumer direction of services to increase the consumer’s ability to lead an integrated and inclusive life.