As Training / Volunteer Site

Partnering with OCSS as a training/volunteer site for our interns, companies and organizations gain in several ways. Firstly, this collaboration provides a platform to expand opportunities for innovation.
The diverse perspectives and unique skill sets of OCSS interns can inject fresh ideas and creativity into workplace, fostering an environment that encourages out-of-the-box thinking.Moreover, engaging with OCSS enables companies and organizations to enhance their understanding of diversity and inclusion.

Actively participating in the program demonstrates a commitment to creating a workplace that values and embraces individuals with diverse abilities. This not only aligns with ethical considerations but also contributes to a positive public image as a socially responsible and inclusive organization.

Additionally, supporting OCSS’s mission allows companies and organizations to give back to the community in tangible and impactful way. By providing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to gain practical work experience, develop competencies, and improve communication and social skills, our partners become a catalyst for positive change. This not only strengthens community ties but also positions our partners as socially conscious and compassionate entities.

It is important to note that OCSS covers all costs related to the interns, including payment and insurance. This means that your company can actively contribute to the betterment of the community without incurring additional financial burdens. In summary, partnering with Opendoor Community Support Services is not just an altruistic endeavor; it is a strategic move that can elevate an organization’s innovation, diversity, and community engagement efforts.  Let’s begin our partnership by sending us an email at